“Pure” Capitalism is no longer sustainable as an economic system – global economy, UBI and TAR!

The current form of economy, capitalism, was an “innovation” beneficial to technological and social development, but nothing is eternal and the signals indicate a single conclusion:

The current form of economy and social policy is no longer sustainable, the world is in a continuous crisis, the rich are getting richer and the poor become even poorer.

The economic crises are getting longer and longer, the economy barely has time to recover, but the population does not, so practically every generation is a generation of sacrifice, no one gets to enjoy the benefits of an plentiful life because another sacrifice comes!

I did a little research, gathered data about the economic crises of the last 200 years and extrapolated the information in a graph to show me more clearly … what is happening?

So here is the result: the current economic system is in an unprecedented deadlock and nobody wants to change something, the solution exists, but no strong country (like G20) wants to be first!


At the moment there are only two solutions for the economy to go further and to end the world economic and social problems.

1) The Single Universal Income

UBI as it is called in short, is the only solution that will bring balance in society, the only solution that can give humanity a restart that it has not had for thousands of years.

Current capitalism and the form of social aid for the population have been good for a while, but that moment has been outdone for a long time. Somewhere through the years 1970-1980, the effectiveness of the system reached its limit. Basically the world economy goes only and only on debt and loss, deepens social differences between people, the middle class practically disappeared and poverty increases continuously.

2) Taxation of Automation and Robotization (TAR)

The industry has become automated to the extreme, there are cases where man only supervises machinery, there is no worker for manual labor.

The man was replaced in many places,

  • the vending machines replaced the commercial workers;
  • already supermarkets are experiencing the elimination of cashiers / sellers;
  • the banking system operates mostly online, many offices in the units were eliminated;
  • many stores now exist almost exclusively online, most transactions and orders are automated;
  • the car industry and technology have been automated for decades and the percentage of automation continues to grow.
  • … and even software development will undergo such changes.

Someone has to think of a solution because man will be eliminated from the equation and the economy is no longer sustainable than as a form of slavery, which has become. Work for food, home heat, bills and taxes is not a decent living and is not the definition of human dignity.

Therefore, the only solution remains the quantification of the automation and its taxation in order to maintain a balance in the incomes of the general population, otherwise poverty and inequity will diminish the evolution of the present civilization until the regression!


The current crisis regarding the situation after the Great Lockdown  (Coronavirus/COVID-19 Recession) shows us once and for all the ugly face of the governments led by the capitalist system. Almost no one is considering the aid of the citizen, the People, but in return everyone wants to save the big corporations, nobody is touching of banks and no one talks about the taxation of the great wealth that has been collected generation after generation.

Millions of small family businesses will disappear and nobody has any interest for them, in the concept of capitalism, the situation presents some opportunities for the big and powerful ones

  •  a potential competition disappears and their supremacy and monopoly will extend for another decade.
  • cheaper labor, “higher supply” of modern slaves in the economy, those people who are forced to accept any kind of wage only to have what they eat, not to die of hunger and cold.
  • sometimes rising prices tend to remain at the same level due to inflation

Governments do not want to hear about tax cuts for the people, only slight delays in paying taxes, which will not bring any real help, because after the crisis will calm down, very few will have the financial and mental resources to continue living the same way.

The true face of the state regarding the use of taxes, contribution and excise duties has been revealed: money is practically stolen through party contracts and it feeds the political clientele in all the governments of the world, regardless of political form: democracy, capitalism, socialism and communism, absolutely all the states are corrupt to the highest level!

Recently I noticed a global tendency, started by the U.S.A. , to blame China for this virus, because of artificial origin, created in a Wuhan lab. Even though many scientists have said that it has no artificial origin, Americans continue propaganda without shame. But to clear your mind a little, all you have to do is remember the tragedy of invading a sovereign state, the IRAQ, which the coalition forces invaded under the pretext of possessing nuclear and biological weapons, a proof that has never been found, which brought to light reality and truths. Reasons behind the attack:  oil, money and power, a truth presented in a recent movie “Official Secrets” which reveals that secret services were capable of anything to start that war!

Below is a graph of the economic crises of the last 200 years using a spline approximation:

The economic crises from 1813 to 2020-Spline-Plot

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