Google made a new move against the competition: removing “If no ads available”

Google made a new move against the competition, a move that was already “in operation” but hiddenly and if you’re an AdSense publisher, you’ll get a better understanding of this “issue”.

I noticed that no more “fallback” advertising appears when ads is no available, just an empty/blank space, andt his spoils the site’s appearance, negative experience for visitors, and obviously prevents the display of other ads than Adsense Google Network.

I recently wrote about it on adsense-help comunity, and yet no one has cleared me, no formal or official response, nothing. But after 6 days I received an email with the news, and that gave me an answer to my problem!

“Simplifying” If no ads available ”
We’re continually working to improve the quality and safety of our ad network and reduce the number of malicious ads that enter the AdSense network. As a result, we are removing the option “If no ads available” and we will default to collapse the ad space or showing a blank space instead. If your current setting is a color or another URL, it will be updated in the near future your current settings will stop serving in the near future. “

Basically, google restricted advertisements from other advertisers when their ads were not displayed for a long time, but they “omitted” to tell us, again! Of course, they will try to get away with other sneaky answers, but the truth is one: eliminating the competition of any kind.

However, this decision is neither ethical nor common sense, what they describe in the latest updates about adsense has nothing to do with external ads because the “fallback ads” are not owned by the adsense network!

It’s an aberration, if they do not show advertisements in my sites, why they dont let me know that ? … because if I know there is no ads available, I can show something else!

Otherwise, I can not display too many ads at the same time, both adsense and other ad-networks, it affects visitors, it is preferable for Google to provide us with information “If no ads available” using javascript or API, so we can show something else. Before Google offered an “internal” redirection solution and worked well, but now google no longer wants competition!

This is a total lack of respect and I do not think it is legal otherwise, because it ultimately goes against the fair competition practice. In March 2019, the European Commission has fined Google with € 1.49 billion for violating EU antitrust rules, and it looks like Google was not scared, it still trying to break the antitrust rules.

Shame Google!

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