Google vs. Huawei, a chance for LineageOS or Ubuntu Touch?

Political and economic propaganda is at the highest levels since the existence of capitalist economy and this is due to obvious economic interests and the allegations of no clear evidence from the Americans against Huawei are pure propaganda for the discrediting of the Chinese (for example, Germany has not swallowed American dumplings) , the reason is clear in the picture below: Huawei is growing year after year in the preferences of european mobile phone users without anyone being able to stop them. The market is evident from Samsung and Apple, without the Chinese alternatives today Samsung and Apple were filling our pockets with low-tech technology at astronomical prices.

Huawey-vs-Samsung-vs-Apple Mobile-Vendor-Market-Share-Europe

Two years ago I used a model from XIAOMI, Mi 4 with 3Gb of RAM, and at the same time I had a Samsung Galaxy S4 (wife phone) and the difference between the two was too big. Galaxy S4 had 8 cores and it was still worse than Xiaomi with 4 cores, and at the photography chapter, Samsung was clearly inferior! Because I broke the MI (water on board), I took a Nexsus but I was not happy at all so I changed it again with a “Chinese” LeeCo Le 2 AI.

The wife gave up the old S4 because it was so slow, take five minutes to open the phone until all messages came in … and the choice was obviously a Huawei model, Huawei P20 Lite, the differences are “from the ground to the moon” a.k.a incomparable and the price was very decent!

We have had 3 generations of phones from Samsung: S2, S3 and S4 … without exception all have always been full of bloatware applications that I have never used, but who have been using excessive resources otherwise they would have been available to other useful applications for me.

Image source: Intel Core 2 Quad Procesor  Q9300 – Vicol Journey Photography

I do not say that I’m 100% sure of Huawei that they would not have a “suspect” things in hardware technology, but about Intel, it can be clearly said that their technology is very suspect. After so many dubious bugs discovered in recent years, it becomes clear that something dirty is present in American technology.

When it comes to China, everyone thinks of communism, censorship and supervision, and when it comes to Americans, only milk and honey, the “American Dream”, unfortunately America is equally “suspicious” with its citizens that the surveillance programs is even more advanced than the Chinese version … the world has banalized Edward Snowden’s revelations as though they were all brainwashed … but those revelations are as real as possible, and the truth is certainly much bitter.

The origin of this propaganda is older, Edward Snowden first publicly revealed that Americans have been able to infiltrate Huawei servers in Shenzhen since 2010, and their attempts to penetrate Huawei’s technology are through 2007, whose purpose was probably the theft of technology, Huawei being the undisputed world leader in telecommunications. These facts can lead us to other conclusions: America to wash its name on spying on the Chinese industry has blamed the Chinese for actually spying America using “hidden” technology, and Americans just “been looking for” the evidence … sure, we are at kindergarten, we play with plasticine :))))

If I were to imagine surveillance technology in a processor / system, I would say with a hand to my heart: it is impossible to find them without knowing exactly what to look for. All these security holes discovered in Intel’s processors, the latest ones (ZombieLand, RIDL, Fallout Attacks) being among the worst, are actually “babies” compared to what they might really hide in the heart of the microchips. For example, a simple sequence of hidden characters in an image can trigger an unknown surveillance mode, the sequence that is impossible to discover because it would take thousands of years, especially if is associated with other requirements!

Returning to Huawei and their problem with Google’s restrictions, I could say that it is not a “lethal” one … the Asian market is in a continuous expansion, well above the American one, so it will not affect it very much there . The issue of access to Google applications (GMS) is not a serious one, as we had Xiaomi I did not have Google Play at all but I used Aptoide without any problems. However, most mobile phone users have no idea what their gmail can use, so you can get rid of it, at least get rid of Google-targeted ads based on your google play account. Locking up on the US market is insignificant, Huawei has a very small market share on mobile compared to Samsung and Apple, so they can be without stress from the US!

If I own Huawey I will do almost anything to restore my reputation and even double it in no time! Taking advantage of this situation, the most “crazy” thing would be to announce that they support the development of LineageOS and offer unrestricted implementation even on the old terminals! The fact that he’s been trying for some time to develop his own OS under the name of Hongmeng is not really a good thing, maybe in the Asian market he has chances to succeed, but in the rest of the world there are not. In my opinion a solution like LineageOS is preferred or why not, even Ubuntu Touch! Just as Google invested in KaiOS , Huawei can invest in Ubuntu Touch. (How advanced are the latest phone models, with Ubuntu Touch you can use your mobile phone as well as PC / PC).

* And some true facts about Android OS: unfortunately, it’s an extremely slow operating system, especially when it comes to accessing small ram/memory and slow storage, the applications run virtually as a virtual system because the applications are based on JVM (Java Virtual Machine). That’s why it’s need a powerful hardware, Java has never shined in performance, memory and processor resources are not a priority for this type of platform!

What Can Google Lose?

  • Using gmail and implicitly information about the “digital signature” of the user
  • Using market applications and monetizing them
  • Using google search engine, which is very serious, 60% of searches are done on the phone and most of them using google … duckduckgo comes slowly but surely is here and is no longer ignored even by Google!
  • Using the Chrome browser, probably the most important of all
  • Using google map and implicitly decreasing the importance of monetization of many businesses, especially in tourism

What can Huawei lose? Many, but it remains to be seen if the EU remains immune to American “propaganda” or not!

P.S. Why does Intel not outsource processor production just like AMD, especially when it has problems with switching to 10n technology as well covering demand for current technology? It is true that he announced in autumn 2018 that part of the production will be outsourced to the TSMC, but it’s about worthless things, the rest remains to be done “in the house”! With AMD blowing in the back of the head, it makes no sense that Intel is not looking for more profitable and fast solutions unless their products have something to hide, and the blueprints have to go to other factories, which can not, obviously!

P.S.2 It is well known that RISC-V technology is massively supported by China, so with this move from the US, China will surely step up its efforts to develop an independent ARM and x86 technology!

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