Google Hijacked Coronavirus Searching With Stats – SERP Theft !

In the heat of the global pandemic, the profiteers are everywhere, just waiting for some opportunities to make more money!

As in many other occasions when Google diverted results in their own interests, so is it now. If you are searching for the keyword coronavirus, google already has results that may be useful to you, why go to other sites when you have everything on one page!?

google hijack coronavirus-searching-with-stats

It will be good for users, but it is bad for some online businesses. There are hundreds of such examples where Google has probably placed in the darkness and obscurity thousands of sites that also made some money presenting certain information.

And to make it steal on an even bigger scale, under the logo (Google Doodle) is actually a link and you’re exactly one click away from results.

google-hijack coronavirus-searching-with-doodle

Google could donate for wikipedia $ 200 million not $ 2 million … a laughable amount, given how much money Google has: 1 Trilion $!

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