GOOGLE, BING, DUCKDUCKGO, which understands Who Am I?

This is a small experiment of the relevance irrelevance in Google search results (SERP) compared to other search engines. Unfortunately, the list of search engines you can still rely today on is like nonexistent so I chose to compare only two:  BING and DUCKDUCKGO. I did a test using Yahoo under the same conditions and the results are the same as for BING and DUCKDUCKGO, the search engine knows exactly what I was looking for!

I opened a private firefox (incognito) window and temporarily activated a VPN so that the subsequent searches influence and strict localization is as small as possible. Then, I a search for my own name “emilian robert vicol” , the one I signed with as author in all articles in this blog and as author in other (personal) poems websites or as a photographer on hundreds of websites that used my pictures. This can also be verified in the code source, I have web content with Linked Data / structured data using JSON-LD.

It seems that Google is the only search engine that promotes other sites that are less relevant than personal ones. Google is the only one that does not respect that this blog is the one that represents me fully, I used it expressly “structured data” and I tried to help search engines understand my personality, who I am! DuckDuckGo even displayed at the top (1st place) my photos on other sites, for which my name was correctly assigned to me, as the copyright owner, Google’s showed results with pictures on 4th place !

google-stupid-serp algoritm-irelevancy-2019

GOOGLE, BING, DUCKDUCKGO which of them correctly understands who I am ?

Otherwise, I did a check for my wife (Mihaela Vicol), the results in google were as non-existent, somehow both BING and DUCKDUCKGO  algorithms have much better results than those used by Google, I would say incomparable. With all the intelligence and bluster, Google has failed to understand the relevance of online presence, it is simply “still” fooled around the same obsolete algorithms!

google-stupid-serp algoritm-irelevancy2-2019

Google search results (SERP) shows us an exaggerated irelevance!

Or actually it’s not about “lack of intelligence” but about “lack of common sense” maybe deliberately the relevance is diminished by certain factors in the hope that if you want more visibility, you only have to pay adwords :)) !

And that’s not all, I’ll come back soon with details, how the SERP is tricked through SEO in the simplest way … and how you find in SERP hundreds of irrelevant content, clean spam results that lead to suspicious sites … I’ll be back !



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