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I can not support this imbecile and manipulated Googlebot anymore!  Today I searched if google indexed my old two-day article … nothing, what is impossible, google sure “crawl” the site every day, but why did not index the article?

The answer came after I found that he actually indexed the attachments from the page instead of the article itself! WTF, why the hell google indexed those attachments when they are virtually nowhere on the page, there is only pictures in the galley with url to pictures not to attachment!

Practically Google has hardly indexed pages with attachments without specifying this, otherwise there is no attachment section in the sitemap, nor in other category!

Google Indexing Attachment in Wordpress

* Google has become the worst search engine possible, it does not put any price on topicality but only on the “rank” and so, nothing really intersted anymore. Basically you find the same nonsense hundreds of times, but what you are really looking it very hard for finds, because it is buried under hundreds and thousands of pages considered by google irrelevant!

Google Search Engine = Irelevance Through Obscurity!

So, How to disable indexing image attachment pages in wordPress ?

To prevent google from indexing pages with attachments in wordpress, which will lower the quality of SEO, I suggest you add this line to the robots.txt file

User-agent: *
Disallow: */attachment/*


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