Arduino Graphical Interface/IDE not working in Windows 10, Solved

I installed the latest version of Arduino, more precisely the arduino-1.8.19-windows version and I could not see the graphical interface in any way.

The program starts, appears in the taskbar, but no window is visible. I tried all the solutions found online on the forums, but without any visible results!

Eventually I found the solution myself and was relatively simple:

  1. right-click on the application in the folder where arduino.exe is installed
  2. click on Properties
  3. click Compatibility
  4. check Run in 640×480 screen resolution
  5. click OK
  6. start arduino.exe and wait until the program is loaded and you see the graphical interface (IDE)
  7. close the program (exit arduino)
  8. resume from point 1) and uncheck the “Run in 640×480 screen resolution” option
  9. click OK

Arduino IDE not working in Windows 10-Issue

Now the application should start correctly, at least in my case everything was ok!

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