Can we look back in time and see our Galaxy forming? YES

I found the question “‘Can we look back in time and see our Galaxy forming?” on quora in two threads:


and apparently all the answers have a categorical: NO!

But I want to inform you that they are all wrong and the answer is YES, you can observe the evolution of our galaxy (Milky Way) back in time, only that humanity lacks four important things:

  1.  A sufficiently powerful telescope.
  2. A black hole in the right place.
  3. A lot of luck.
  4. And obviously, imagination!

But how?

Find a black hole, preferably in the same direction of expansion in the universe as our galaxy (I think the chances are higher and the accuracy better) but it can be in any other direction, use a telescope powerful enough to focus as close as possible to the edge of the black hole and there are chances to observe our own galaxy back in time!

look back in time and see our galaxy forming

The chances of success are like in the lottery, but no law of physics contradicts this theory.

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