How Significant is the Correct use of the Foreach loop in PHP ? Benchmark

Maybe someone has done such an experiment, I did not search the whole internet, but below you have the result of an experiment in which I used the PHP Foreach loop in several variants, wanting to highlight the execution speed for each one.

For small arrays and with a small number of iterations, you can use practically any option that is more convenient, the consumption of additional resources is minimal and insignificant.

But for large arrays and thousands of iterations, then things change, because the execution must be as fast as possible, with a minimum consumption of resources!
In this case, when the execution speed is very important, the fastest option must be chosen from the ones below and practically the only options are obviously the first and the second, and I suggest you stay as far as possible from the rest!

PHP Foreach Loop Benchmark

Below you have a link where you can download the PHP codeused for this benchmark, so anyone can copy/paste it and use it on their own server:

PHP Foreach Loop Benchmark – Optimize your code

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