Asymmetric Load Balancing Server Solution

There are N servers, each server has a fixed bandwidth available. The idea is that you want mirrored file hosting (CDN) so that a function/script returns a redirect to various servers where the file is duplicated. 

Asymmetric Load Balancing ServersThe redirection rule (server choice) must be controlled by the bandwidth available for a particular server.

The mathematical problem itself is a little more laborious, but the idea is to randomly choose the servers so that after a longer period of operation, the traffic consumed on servers is as balanced as possible.

The solution below is the simplest possible, and can be used successfully in almost any situation.


$cdn_servers = [];

$cdn_servers[] = array(
  'bandwidth' => 7, 
  'domain' => ''

$cdn_servers[] = array(
  'bandwidth' => 20, 
  'domain' => ''

$cdn_servers[] = array(
  'bandwidth' => 90, 
  'domain' => ''

function getAsym_LB_Server(&$cdn_servers) {
  $total_bandwidth = 0;
  $server_index = [];
  foreach ($cdn_servers as $key=>$server) :	
    $total_bandwidth += $server['bandwidth'];	
    $server_index[$key] = $total_bandwidth;

  $server_rand = mt_rand(1,$total_bandwidth);

  foreach ($server_index as $key=>$val) :
    if ($val >= $server_rand) {		
      $server_selected = $key;

  return $cdn_servers[$server_selected];

$server = getAsym_LB_Server($cdn_servers);



* The condition is that the files served must be of various sizes and in a sufficiently large number!

P.S. The solution can be used for any other type of application: proxy, alternative routes, cache, etc and the advantage is that the solution does not require that the choice of servers be counted / stored somewhere,  it is a plug an play solution!

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