Minele de Litiu “descoperite” in EUROPA ies de la dosarul secret :)

Europe’s Biggest Lithium Mine (in Serbia) Is Caught in a Political Maelstrom (APR 2, 2022)
Around 300 meters away from Petković’s house, according to the multinational mining giant Rio Tinto, there is enough lithium to create 1 million EV batteries, and the company wants to spend $2.4 billion to build Europe’s biggest lithium mine here.
Optimistic government estimates and preliminary exploration suggest there may be as much as 200 million tons of deposits in Serbia, while the U.S. Geological Survey said there were 1 million tons of identified reserves in the country, making it one of the richest sources of lithium in Europe. (bloomberg.com)

InoBat, a European EV battery research and development firm based in Bratislava, has signed protocols and declarations of intent with the Government of Serbia for the construction of a gigafactory focused on the manufacturing and recycling of EVs and stationary energy storage.
The company counts Rio Tinto (ASX:RIO) as one of its investors. The mining giant had its exploration licenses stripped by the government amid protests against its proposed $2.4bn Jadar lithium project back in January.

France enters ‘white gold’ rush as top producer aims to supply Europe with lithium  (OCT 25 2022)
Imerys says its Emili Project will be located at a site in the center of France.
The company is targeting 34,000 metric tons of lithium hydroxide production each year from 2028 ( for at least 25 years)
According to the business, this level of production would be enough to “equip approximately 700,000 electrical vehicles per year.”

Miners eye Europe’s largest lithium deposit in Czech Republic (JUNE 7, 2017)
The deposits lie around Cinovec, a village with a tradition of mining since the 14th century and situated near the border with Germany, the industrial powerhouse at the heart of Europe’s bid to build electric cars and develop battery technology.
The resource, a term used for a deposit whose extent has yet to be proven by exploration, could amount to 1.3 million tonnes, or about 3 percent of the global lithium stock, according to the Czech Geological Survey.

European lithium rush may start from Finland (Nov 18, 2020)
About nine million tons of lithium were found deep down in a bog that is the size of 300 hundred soccer fields near the town of Kokkola on the west coast of Finland. The drillings suggest there could be more to come.
In Europe, Austria, Portugal, Spain and Serbia have also made large lithium discoveries. In Finland, however, Finnish company Keliber is currently raising capital and planning to start mining by 2024, according to reports by the Finnish Broadcasting Company and other media
The nine million tons already dug up would allow the mine to run for thirteen years and keep five million electric cars running.

România stă pe o comoară fabuloasă, la propriu. Am putea plăti datoria externă înzecit, iar Occidentul se luptă să o aibă.
independent de rezervele de petrol și gaze, rezervele de cobalt-nichel ar putea constitui cel mai mare zăcământ din Europa. „De fapt acesta este și scopul nostru, ca, alături de stat, să facem cunoscute resursele, atât de pământuri rare, cât și de cobalt-nichel, și să atragem jucători mari care să vină și să construiască aici o megafabrică”, a declarat Mihai Dan Cernăianu, reprezentantul Strategic Resources Central.
Firma a obținut în 2017, de la ANRM, două licențe de concesiune pentru explorarea în județul Harghita a unor zăcăminte de minereuri de elemente rare și disperse, precum și de minereu polimetalic. Firma mai deține o licență similară de explorare și pentru minereu de titan și zirconiu, tot în perimetrul Lăzarea, potrivit datelor Agenției.

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