Disqus, Facebook & Livefyre comments Destroyed the Beauty of Blogs

Since 2003-2004 when I started making the first html/css sites and to date, using various CMS platforms like Wordpress or ClassicPress, I have never used other comment systems than those included in the development platform, saved in own database and having full control over them.

Disqus, Facebook, Livefyre Bad fopr BloggingI have never fallen into the trap of so-called “intelligent” comments that say: get rid of worries, spam, or I know what! This is a false impression, because the use of these alternatives is too “expensive” and over time this price has been disastrous: the beauty of blogging has gone!

The beginnings in blogging 10-12 years ago were also based largely on friendship between bloggers, helping each other by exchanging links to make everyone be online, each having a chance that his voice to be heard. In return for these relationships, we each contribute constructively through comments and opinions about posts and more. But since these networks appeared, everything was stinks, nothing is as it was. Those who have reached “up” are no longer interested in having the little ones get to somewhere, being visible and be reading, because now they are “competing,” and those who are just beginning with a blog rarely have the opportunity to make friends or relationships among bloggers.

Google, Seo, BloggingGoogle puts the same obsolete words “content is the king” but this aspect is no longer relevant if you are not “linked” by others – more Romanian “is fretting to the wooden foot” – one is to get visibility between 200-300 millions of sites that were in 2010-2011 and another nearly 2 billion as they are today, that is, the visibility factor has decreased 10 times, meaning that the effort will reach the same level of visibility in 2010 starting from zero “is 100 times higher, because the rank is a logarithmic thing, we do not play with kindergarten algebra 🙂 … so to clarify it:

Today, the content without finding alternative backlinks is ZERO, almost irrelevant, and help from those who already have better rated sites is as nonexistent, today www is egocentrism world. Today’s egoism was much more isolated in the past, but with time, blogging “churches” have evolved to “influencers” no longer bloggers, they have come to the stage of online gossips, full of trash bag and fake impressions, they “fired” a kind of network where you only come in by  invitation, like at the wedding! Who wants to promote “busines” is discussed on a different level, “professional” and “only with money” !

Blog Comment WEB SEO

Returning to comments from blogs/sites, even if the links in the comments added to the signature are with nofollow, positive feedback exists on the search engines as well as visibility for others. In the past, we had a comment system of the kind that if the number of comments from a blogger exceeded a certain level (in a week), then the links get “follow”, that is, we encourage the interaction and the return of the blog frequently because it was an advantage: Significant SEO , FOLLOW links in comments, no one has and does not have such a thing today … but with time, comment systems such as Disqus, Facebook or Livefyre have ruined all the beauty. Okay, I got rid of Google Plus!

Blogging Comment SEOWhen I find something interesting to read, in very few cases I leave a comment if the blog / site does not have self-hosted comment format, where I leave my signature, because after all, it is common sense to accept the signature link if the commentary is ontological, constructive and brings value to the article. My effort to let my words is nothing lower than yours, the one you wrote on an interesting subject. When you want respect, the others have to be respected by you in the same way.

The fact that you do not accept back-links on the signature in the comment proves selfishness!

From my point of view, using other comment systems where you are bound to sign up, with no real signature with backlink, is a real lack of respect for your readers!

Convince me that you have a good product or service and I will convince others 10/100 or even 1000, so if you want a real comment on your site, then provide a real commentary system not full of s*t!

Ethics, morality and common sense are essential to humanity, without them we are only “machines” brainwashed by a sick and avid system of materialism …

Nothing is eternal in the universe, we are born and die anonymous … but for “a moment” we have the chance to become more than nothing, do not be selfish, first of all you have to be human!

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