7 Ways the Mind and Body Change With Age – The increase of Consciousness and spirituality

Old and Saddened 🙁   – Young and Happy 🙂


  1. Have a positive attitude
    Age could bring happiness for many people. If you give up selfishness and hatred for everything that has been unpleasant in life.
  2. Still enjoy a good laugh
    Laughing is good for you, science has shown. Laughter therapy is recognized as an unconventional method and is used successfully
  3. Everything starts to sag
    Your skin can be a dead giveaway that you’ve passed the half-century mark. This is what happens to everyone, humanity has not yet discovered a remedy for a life without death and youth without old age.
  4. Your stem cells age, too
    The scientists suspect genetics is at play.
  5. Need less sleep
    Older adults just can’t get the sleep they need. Worries, upset, illness or other reasons leave us without sleep.
  6. Become more distracted
    Seniors might have the unique ability to “hyper-bind” the irrelevant information
  7. Lean liberal
    Over time, adults’ attitudes got more liberal  regarding politics, economics, race, gender, religion and sexuality issues. Unfortunately, no one listens to the elders, even if their wisdom is more significant!


Left is my grandmother, and my wife in right.
The picture was taken on June 27, 2008, in the meantime, in summer 2014 my grandmother passed among with the most beloved of Earthlings, and now is finally free of earthly sins, is free spirit and eternity.

Let the universe guard her and reveal all the hidden secrets of reality. Amen!

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