World Wide Media/Music/Youtube Copyright Trolls List

This is the complete list crawled from web with Media Copyright Trolls:

  • Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA)
  • LCJ Editions Productions
  • Music Publishing Rights Collecting Society, MPRCS
  • Agora Aggregator
  • INgroove,
  • IMG Media UK,
  • Digital Minds Entertainment
  • Spit Collector
  • SBSi
  • Freeplay Music
  • GoDigital Media Group
  • Netcom Partners
  • Sanoma NL/Gamer NL
  • X-Media Digital
  • The Orchard Music
  • Major Record Labels (Sony, EMI, WMG)
  • Kontor New Media
  • rumblefish
  • EMI
  • Warner Chappell
  • UMPG , universal Music
  • Persona
  • USCG, U.S. Copyright Group
  • Righthaven
  • Cartoon Network

If anyone know more names, please leave them in a comment, I will add to the list!

P.S. Most are from the United States … that state that has practically conquered the continent of the Native American Indians! … Thieves shout thieves, it’s a words in my country!

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