#Facebook Promoting Counterfeit (fake) Products!

#Facebook promoting FAKE products 🙂 cc @zuck … good boys, you are “the best”!

Advertise on Facebook with counterfeit products via  www.facebook.com/shopgr54/:

ads-with-fake-product on-facebook

and the content of the site: www arcteryxeshops com

site registered 2 days ago!

arcteryxeshops com whois lookup domain

P.S. is not the only time I see advertisements promoted on facebook for the sale of counterfeit products … why no one asks abot that? … if you insult a local policeman, he is “public” brother, you get a fine, maybe a criminal case … but when they sell fake in public, promoted by the “belly of the universe” Facebook, these are not no one asks “WTF” … for such lighthouses there is no public space !? Probably the impact of “online things” is much more important if it touches an “ego” rather than a “pocket”!

P.S.2 … on #facebook, the pictures were “censored” very quietly, nobody to see them, nobody to know, nothing, zero … high class censorship !!!

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