Power Prefixes ( Unit Conversion )

Prefixes used in electronics, physics, computers, communications, chemistry, etc. Conversion of units is the transformation between different units of measurement for the same site/quantity, typically through multiplicative modification factors!

Prefix Unit Symbol(s) Factor (power of 10)
yotta Y 1024
zetta Z 1021
exa E 1018
peta P 1015
tera T 1012
giga G 109
mega M 106
kilo k 103
hecto h 102
deka da 101
deci d 10-1
centi c 10-2
milli m 10-3
micro µ 10-6
nano n 10-9
pico p 10-12
femto f 10-15
atto a 10-18
zepto z 10-21
yocto y 10-24

Each multiplier consists of a one-letter abbreviation & the prefix that it stands for.

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